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Ahoynoob is a comedy and lawful rebellion forum with a unique egalitarian design where forum moderation is the shared responsibility of all users. There is no heirarchy of jackbooted moderators here telling everyone what can and cannot be said on these forums.

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Total Threads in all sections : 4067

General >

Total Threads : 540
Chat about life the universe and everything!

Lawful Rebellion >

Total Threads : 294
Got a cunning plan to lawfully stick it to the man? Let's hear it!

Debate >

Total Threads : 23
Physics, Philosophy, spirituality... debate the more intellectual subjects here!

What a Noob! >

Total Threads : 240
The stupidity of some people cannot be fathomed...

Website >

Total Threads : 60
Got any suggestions how to improve AhoyNoob? Let us know in here!

Politics >

Total Threads : 216
Got some interesting political stuff to share? Bring it on!

Comedy >

Total Threads : 1388
Share a little humour and brighten everyone's day!

Jukebox >

Total Threads : 96
Music makes the world go round!

Truth and Lies >

Total Threads : 288
Conspiracy theories galore!

Introductions >

Total Threads : 5
Noobs Start here, tell us about yourselves!

Science & Tech >

Total Threads : 292
The latest advances and cool new discoveries

Movies >

Total Threads : 28
Full movies to watch online!

Philosophy >

Total Threads : 58
Wise words from wise men and women

Gaming >

Total Threads : 23
Game trailers reviews and more!

News >

Total Threads : 209
News and current affairs

Money >

Total Threads : 53
Money makes the world go round!

Computing >

Total Threads : 68
General computing chat, windows, linux etc

Spiritual >

Total Threads : 99
Spritual talk, religions and beliefs

History >

Total Threads : 87
Histories facts, theories and mysteries